Wednesday, January 13, 2016's what's for dinner!

This is not a food blog, I assure you, but I will be sharing some of the things I'm eating, new flavors I'm trying, and what is working.

Tilapia: A fresh water white fish that is flaky in texture with a mild flavor.
I didn't think I liked fish unless it was beer battered and deep fried. This fish is so mild, it's delicious and takes on the flavor of the spices and/or sauce you put on it. Last night I decided to try it, and found a beautiful mango salsa recipe to go on it. It's simple, fresh and I love it!

Using my Pampered Chef grill pan, I lightly sprayed it with Pam Olive Oil just to keep the fish from sticking.  The fillets literally took 3 minutes a side to cook.  How fast is that?!  So make the salsa first, it will take longer to cut up the mango that it does to cook the fish.
For the salsa I followed this recipe:
Fresh Mango Salsa Recipe
It's a few simple ingredients, nothing fancy with a dozen spices.  It's mango, red bell pepper, red onion, cilantro, jalapeño, the juice of a lime, pepper and sea salt to taste.  That's it! No oil, no vinegar, no special spices, just fresh and simple. Because I only made 2 fillets I cut the recipe in half, and I still had some leftover.  No complaints about that, I can use it on a turkey burger next!

I did make a side to the fish as well, I mixed cooking styles on this plate, and that's fine!  It's my plate, make yours....yours ha!  A 1/2 cup of brown rice was my grain.  I topped that with some fresh green beans and crimini mushrooms.  Both the beans and the mushrooms were sautéed in lite soy sauce that I grated some fresh ginger root into.  Seriously, dynamite flavor!  It went well on the side, almost the saltiness I needed because the mango was the sweet on my plate.  All around winning dish in my book, and I'm happy to share it with all of you!

Make your plate beautiful, try new things, eat with your eyes, it's a fun adventure every time!

If you do make this let me know what you think!  Have other tilapia recipes? Let me know in the comments.  I love trying new flavors in the kitchen!

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