Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Catch up!

Good morning my weight loss buddies!  A busy weekend was had, and I'm just now getting some down time to record and share some of my activities.  Friday night was low key, I went to my sister's house, she made a delicious, bean full chili that I almost requested seconds of!  But I knew I didn't need seconds.  We did some DIY decorations for my niece's birthday, which is this weekend.

Saturday was packed with fun.  I started the walk/jog group I mentioned a few weeks ago.  We did 2 minute/15second intervals of walk/jog.  It was comfortable until my foot started acting up :sad face: my left foot went numb just after the mile mark.  This was frustrating, but I finished strong and proceeded to have my gait analyzed as well as my have my feet mapped.  Jack, the gentleman at the Endurance House was VERY knowledgeable and I'm well on my way to trying to rectify the issue with orthotics and some exercises to try to get an arch back into my feet.  I'm severely flat foot.  Link for Endurance House: http://endurancehousedelafield.com/  Seriously, check out the website!  They have jog/run groups for all levels, and it really helps having a team, even though I'm the slowest on the team, I'm ok with that, they are still cheering me on, and me them!
Saturday night was my friend Courtney's birthday party.  Though I'm not much of a bar person anymore, I went to help him celebrate his day.  Good Lord I danced and danced and danced!  I only had 2 wimpy shots, the rest of the night I was pounding down water.  I need too, I worked out that morning, and I was working up a sweat dancing.  It was an awesome night, and it makes me want to go out again, not often, but maybe once a month :) lol

Sunday I did a lot of relaxing.  My calf muscles were super tight and sore so I did some light stretching.  After I felt better I went outside in the balmy 32 degree weather and shoveled after Ramsey, I use a short shovel so I have to squat a lot, hey why not utilize the time to get some muscles flexed and stretched!  That was pretty much it, besides some meal prep. :)

Monday I decided why not make dinner meatless, trending! haha. My meatless Monday dinner was fabulous, I should have snapped a photo, wasn't thinking about it, my apologies!  It was a lovely whole wheat wrap, I stuffed it full with spinach, 1/2 of an avocado, 1 roma tomato, a scallion, and dressed it with a little sea salt, pepper and balsamic vinegar.  Oh Em Gee is was fresh and delicious and that balsamic....perfect.  Now, there is nothing wrong with meat, let me just say that, but we also don't have to have it at every meal.  It's ok to try new things, to change up what you think dinner is supposed to be.  Have fun with your food, keep it bright and fresh, you won't be sorry!

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