Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Training like a Boss

Last night I participated in a mandatory live fire training.  We are implementing an new offensive strategy for fighting fire with a safe, but direct approach.  I was stoked with the group I was in, and felt our strengths complimented each other well.  The training is very physical, we were pulling and packing hose lines all night and being in gear and packed up adds about 60-70 lbs. My tool of choice was the axe, I didn't have to worry about breeching doors.  I like the axe, there is the work end to chop and break things, but the handle is a less abrasive tool when doing search and rescue.  It also fits nicely in my belt for ease of carrying, frees up my hands to pull hose.  After 2.5 hours I was done and had to cut out of training a little early, circled back to drop my gear before heading home. 

Today I'm sore, not horrible, but that achy feeling you get when you know you put in work. Yea I got that! It's how I know I trained like a boss! Depending on the weather conditions I might do the training again on Wednesday, though it's not mandatory, I think its great to keep skill levels up. 

Needless to say, I have one of the best jobs in the world!  I also work with some of the finest men and women, who I'm quite proud to call my brothers and sisters.  This is another reason for why I'm so motivated to succeed in my weight loss.  These men and women are counting on me too.  I need to be strong and healthy so that I can have their back, just as much as they have mine. It's a goal of mine not only to lose this excessive amount of fat, but also to build muscle and strength so that I can be the best I can, for me and my family!

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